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Mini Pak'R?

Mini Pak\'R?

The Mini Pak'R® is a revolutionary device, which is changing the dynamics of the packaging industry. With the invention of the Mini Pak'R® there is no longer a need for cumbersome 14 FT cubic bags of packaging peanuts.  A 16 inch roll of Mini Pak'R® film is the equilvalent to 95 cubic feet of loosefill packaging. The Mini Pak'R® is ideal for small shipping rooms that have limited space and can't store packing peanuts.  Now small businesses will have the ability to store a months supply of packaing material on the shelf using almost no space.  Miller Supply Inc. is an authorized vendor of Mini Pak'R® film across the U.S. 

  • Saves space
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Worth initial purchase of machine
  • Dispenses air cushions at 25 linear feet per minute