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About Us

Miller Supply Inc. is a Family-owned and operated, for nearly 36 years, packaging and materials Distribution Company with three industrial locations throughout California and Nevada including our headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. Miller Supply Inc. partners with industry’s leading manufacturers, to offer a wide range of high-quality products. This puts Miller Supply Inc. on the leading edge of packaging technology.  After many years of success with the distribution business, Miller Supply Inc chose to expand its services and diversify resulting in the creation of the Professional Listing component of the company. What separates Miller Supply Inc. from other fulfillment and distribution companies as well as other listing services is that we have the cohesive duality of both in the same location. The staff and infrastructure of the original distribution business completely compliments and assists the Listing Company’s staff and ability to list and handle all of the companies orders/products as well as our clientele’s orders/products.
Miller Supply Inc – Listing Services
Whether your business has a brick and mortar location or whether you’re completely virtual and have your own website your products are at the core of your business. E-Commerce and getting your products for sale online is no longer the future, it’s the most cost effective way to market your products right now! In order to establish the greatest E-Commerce presence you have to be able to display your products as successfully and efficiently as possible. This is all determined by how well the product’s pictures are displayed, how accurate and understandable the product’s titles and are descriptions are, and making sure product inventory is accurately tracked and that pricing is competitive. Miller Supply Inc. takes this cumulative product data, transforms it and integrates it into everywhere online shoppers are looking for products. We expand your company’s market footprint and customer base farther than you ever could by yourself. We will help you list and manage all of your products by listing them on our website, on other retail platforms, such as Amazon, as well as have access to thousands of Miller Supply’s existing retail, commercial & industrial customers.  Inquiries:
Miller Supply Inc. – Packaging and Distribution
Miller Supply Inc. offers a huge array of packaging products, to fit all shipping needs, from the small, in-home business to any large distributorship.  Our supplies include: boxes; desiccants; various kinds of packing tape and dispensers; bubble cushioning; stretch film; packing list envelopes; shipping labels, tags and label dispensers; scales; staplers, staples and wire; shrink film; cable ties, twist ties, strapping and twine; blades and knives; security seals; glue and industrial sprays; packaging peanuts and cushioning; poly bags and static shield bags; carton stands and box tools; poly dispensers and divider kits; and stencils.  Beyond our stock products, Miller Supply also offers a broad array of custom packing products, from custom-sized boxes, coolers, and poly bags to printed shipping labels and packing tape.  We offer all of these products with one goal in mind—to deliver the best value, while making your company all it can be. In addition to our wide and varied product lines, Miller Supply Inc. also has an eager and knowledgeable staff to serve your unique needs.  Along with our custom-sized and custom-printed products, we offer no-cost design engineering for your special product requirements, whether it be implementing cold chain technology, or finding the best ways to ship fragile or hazardous materials.  The experts at Miller can evaluate your current packaging, and identify and fill in the gaps to cut damage and product loss.  Challenge Miller Supply to design or redesign your packaging.