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Pink Anti-Static Bags

Anti-static poly products are necessary when packaging electronics because of the sensitivity electronics components have toward electrostatic discharge (ESD).   Triboelectric energy is the typical static charge, which occurs in the packaging and shipping industry.  Triboelectric charge happens when two materials separate and one material strips away the negatively charged electrons from the other.  As a result a human touching a positively charged piece of electronic equipment could set of an electrostatic discharge.  Most electronic discharges can not be felt or heard and happen instantaneously, which leaves no warning signs that the equipment has been shocked.  Some fried electronics will pass in-house tests, but will fall shortly after in field tests.  These electronic failures can be fixed in the business world, but in the military or aircraft electronic failures are catastrophic and that’s why static control products were created to ensure the safety and the integrity of electronic products.  Anti-static poly products have been engineered so they have the ability to resist triboelectric charge generation.


Following Devices are categorized as electrostatic sensitive:

  • High value thin film resistors
  • Microwave devices
  • Semiconductors
  • ROMS
  • RAMS
  • High input impedance linear
  • Precision ladder networks
  • Microcircuits
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